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We aim to provide our professions in handling funeral service and our client can rest assure that the services is handled in care and sincere. In either conditions or any religions, we will serve client with the finest attitude. Pricing and package is transparent without nay hidden charges.


Graceland Funeral One Stop Services

Graceland funeral is a one-stop solution for professional funeral and cemetery burial place. We have been providing services since 2011 and we have won the trust of customers and the industry over time. Beginning of time, we have been providing professional and high-quality funeral and ashes services to over 10,000 customers, and arranged ideal shelter for countless ancestors.


Funeral One Stop Solution

Providing a comprehensive one-stop funeral service for the ancestors, from the handling of documents to funeral etiquette, all the procedures, coffins, ceremonies, venues, ceremonies, cemetery arrangements, flower cards, buses and arrangements for cremation and burial, etc. The aim is to mke sure the funeral services is properly arranged, and people are scheduled to follow up, so that the ancestors can rest in peace, and the younger generations can feel at ease.

All Types Of Religion


Buddhism and Taoism


Catholics and Christian


The Style of Farewell Wisdom


You may not realize that as we grow older, the birthday party we attended the most will become a wedding banquet. Then, at a certain stage, you will find that the most attended is the funeral. We don’t have to learn, we all know what to say at a birthday party or a wedding reception.

The only thing we will not cope with is the farewell style that makes people feel the most. Do you know the farewell wisdom? Here you can share some, so that you can give the biggest and warmest power to the living in the farewell!

Cultural Diversity In Between Us

As the saying goes, “there are cultural diversity from place to place.” In fact, there are different habit, lifestyle, and culture at different position and places of origin.

Customized services are available for your special needs.